A Rochdale Whatnot

A whatnot is a piece of domestic furniture on which to present your household
oddities, curiosities and souvenirs.


On this Rochdale Whatnot you may find many interesting and strange things
about the town which you may or may not have known.


Not everything interesting about the town is on the Rochdale Whatnot - you’ll
find, for example, lots elsewhere and on-line about Gracie Fields and the
Rochdale Pioneers but they’re not on the whatnot here. However there’s
plenty of other things to see and read about so you are invited to stop and look
at the items on the Whatnot and find there the curious and unusual.

Due to the age of some of the images, not all of the photographs have been
acknowledged. This is not intentional and should anyone wish an
acknowledgement to be given, please contact me at